Spilled Whiskey CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Absolute Beginner

Choreographer: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, January 2018

Music: Spilled Whiskey By Daryle Singletary

No Tags Or Restarts
Intro 16 counts

Section 1: Right Grapevine. Touch. Sway x4 (left, right, left, right).
1-4Step right to right. Cross left behind right. Step right to right. Touch left beside right.
5-8Step left swaying left. Sway right. Sway left. Sway right leaving weight on right.

Section 2: Left Grapevine. Touch. Sway x4 (right, left, right, left).
1-4Step left to left. Cross right behind left. Step left to left. Touch right beside left.
5-8Step right swaying right. Sway left. Sway right. Sway left leaving weight on left.

Section 3: Rocking Chair. Step. ¼ Turn left. Step. ¼ Turn left.
1-4Rock forward on right. Recover onto left. Rock back on right. Recover onto left.
5-8Step forward on right. Turn ¼ left. Step forward on right. Turn ¼ left.

Section 4: Cross. Point. Cross. Point. Jazz Box Cross.
1-2Step forward on right crossing right over left. Point left to left side.
3-4Step forward on left crossing left over right. Point right to right side.
5-8Cross right over left. Step back on left. Step right to right side. Cross left over right.