Celebration CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Newcomer

Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn – February 2018

Music: Kool And The Gang - Celebration

Restart in wall 4 after 24 counts

S1: Step touch forward, step touch forward, step touch backwards, step touch backwards
1RFl right
2LF touch dioganal forward Rf
3LF step left
4RF touch dioganal forward LF
5RF step right
6LF touch dioganal backwards RF
7LF step left
8RF touch dioganal backwards LF

S2: VINE RIGHT, hip bumbs
1RF right
2LF cross behind RF
3RF right
4LF cross forward RF
5RF right
6bumb hip right
&Hip nuteral
7Bumb hip right
&hip nuteral
8Bump hip right

S3: Walk walk, walk, walk, hip bumbs end ¼ turn right
1LF walk left
2RF cross forward LEF
3LF left
4RF cross forward LF
&hip nuteral
6Bumb hip left
&hip nuteral
7bumb hip left
&hip nuteral
8bump hip left ¼ turn right

S4: Step forward, touch, step back together, heel swivels
1RFstep forward
2LF touch RF
4RF close L
5swivel both heels right
6Swivel both heels left
7Swivel both heels right
8Swivel both heels left, weight on left,

start again