An Angel CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 16Wall: 2Level: Beginner NC2

Choreographer: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, Swe, February 2018

Music: What If She's An Angel By Tommy Shane Steiner

intro 16 counts. - Best Of The West Line Dance Weekend 2018

Section 1: Cross Rock. Side. Cross Rock Side. Forward Mambo. Back Rock. Cross.
1-2&Rock right across left. Recover onto left. Step right to right side.
3-4&Rock left across right. Recover onto right. Step left to left side.
5-6&Rock forward on right. Recover onto left. Step back on right.
7-8&Rock back on left. Recover onto right. Cross left over right.

Section 2: Right Basic Night Club. Left Basic Night Club. Step. Step. ½ Turn right. Step. Walk x 2.
1-2&Take a long step the right. Rock back on left. Recover onto right crossing left.
3-4&Take a long step the left. Rock back on right. Recover onto left crossing right.
5-6&Step forward on right. Step forward on left. Turn ½ right (weight on right foot).
7-8&Step forward on left. Walk forward on right. Walk forward on left

Option: Replace Count 8& of Section2 (Walk right, walk left) with a syncopated Full Turn.

Easy Tag: After Wall 2 (Facing 12 o’clock): Hold during the 2 count pause in the music & start over!

Option: (Tag) Cross unwind 1/1 & Start over!

Alternative music that you can dance without tags or restarts
Alternative music 1: Love Hurts By Nazareth (No tags or restarts) Start on the word “hurts”.
Alternativemusic 2: I am Sailing By Rod Stewart (No tags or restarts), intro 32 counts
Alternative music 3: Islands By Bonnie Taylor & Mike Oldfield (No tags or restarts) intro 36 counts