Barefootin' On The Beach CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 24Wall: 2Level: Absolute Beginner

Choreographer: Shirley Blankenship & K.Sholes – 20 September 2018

Music: Barefootin' - Scotty McCreery

Side Together, Forward Shuffle (Right and Left)
1-2 3&4Step side right,Drag left together, shuffle forward right
5-6 7&8Step side left, Drag right together,shuffle forward left

Rock/Recover Turning 1/2 Right Shuffle/ Rock/ Left Coaster
1-2 3&4Rock forward on right,recover on left,1/2 turning right shuffle
5-6 7&8Rock forward on left,recover on right, left coaster

Old Supremes Move " Diagonal " Right and Left
1-4Step diagonal right ,slide L together,slide right forward,Touch Left
5-8Step diagonal left,slide R together,slide left forward,Touch right

It's All About Fun - Enjoy