Jingle Bell Rock (Partner) (P) CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 64Wall: 2Level: Phrased Improver

Choreographer: Leong Mei Ling (December 2018)

Music: Jingle Bell Rock by Glee

Intro: 16 counts (approx. 7 seconds) Sequence: AAB AAB AAB
Starting position: Couples form a straight line down the hall, each couple facing respective partner.

SA1: Shuffle R, Back Rock, Vine L, Cross
1&2, 3-4Step R to side, step L beside R, Step R to side, Rock L back, recover R
5-8Step L to left, step R behind L, Step L to side, cross R over L

SA2: Shuffle L, Back Rock, Vine R, Cross
1&2, 3-4Step L to side, step R beside L, Step L to side, Rock R back, recover L
5-8Step R to right, step L behind R, Step R to side, cross L over R

SA3: Point, Step ( X4)
1-4.Point R to right, small R step forward, Point L to left, small L step forward
5-8Repeat steps 1-4
Note: Your partner passes you on your left

SA4: ⅛ Paddle Rocks (X4) or ⅛ Turning KBC (X4)
1-2.Step R fwd, paddle ⅛ turn to left
5-8Repeat 3 more times until you've turn ½ around to the left (facing partner again)
Note: you can also choose to do Right Kick-Ball-Changes for counts 5-8 instead 😊
Note: You'll be facing your partner again

SB1: Basic Disco Rock, Turning Disco Rock
Note: Hold partner’s hands
1-4.R rocking chair (angle body slightly to the left, keeping partner on your right side)
5-6.Step R fwd, 1/2 right step L back
7-8.Rock R back, recover weight to L

SB2: Basic Disco Rock, Turning Disco Rock
1-8Repeat all of S1

SB3: Twists R, Twist L
(Release hand hold)
1-4.Twist both heels R, twist both toes R, twist both heels R, hold
5-8Twist both heels L, twist both toes L, twist both heels L, hold

SB4: Out, Out, Heel Taps & Hip Bumps
1-2Step R to side, hold (R arm up, palm face fwd)
3-4Step L to side, hold (L arm up, palm face fwd)
5-8.Bounce/Tap R heel, and bump hips. At the same time bring both hand's down wriggling fingers like snow falling.