Crazy CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner / Improver

Choreographer: Eun Mi Lim & Eun Ah (January 2019)

Music: Crazy (미치겠어) by Teen Top(틴 탑)

Intro: 36 Counts - No Tags, No Restarts!

(S1) Forward Walk R-L, Kick, Out, Out, Shimmy Shoulders, Touch and Hip Roll.
1-2Forward walk on R, L.
3&4Kick forward on R, Step R out to right side, Step L out to left side.
5-6Shimmy shoulder, continue shimmy.
7-8Touch back on R while roll hips in a full circle anti-clockwise for 2count (weight ends on L).

(S2) Heel Grind 1/4Turn R, Back, Back Rock/Recover, Forward, Touch, Forward Touch.
1-2Cross R Heel over L grinding heel into floor making 1/4turn right, Step back on L.
3-4Rock back on R, Recover on L.
5-6Step R slide on forward diagonal to 4:00 (angling body toward 2:00), Touch L next to R (angling body toward center).
7-8Step L slide on forward diagonal to 2:00 (angling body toward 4:00), Touch R next to L (angling body toward center).

(S3) Kick, Cross, 1/4Turn R Back, Side, Touch, Touch, Cross, Hitch.
1-2Kick R diagonal forward right, Cross R over L.
3-41/4turn right stepping back on L, Step R to right side.
5-6Touch L toe across R, Touch L toe to left side.
7-8Cross step L over R, Hitch R knee.

(S4) Side Rock /Recover, Behind, 1/4Turn L Forward, Forward, Pivot 1/2L, Forward Knee Pop R- L.
1-2Step R to right side, Recover on L.
3-4Cross step R behind L, 1/4turn left stepping forward on L.
5-6Step forward on R, Pivot 1/2turn left (weight on L).
7-8Step R forward and knee pop, Step L forward and knee pop.

Eun Mi:
Eun Ah: