I Am Giant CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Kelly Kaylin – March 2019

Music: I Am Giant - Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man

Taught by: Kelly Kaylin

Heel, Toe touches Side step
1–4Touch right heel forward twice, touch right toe back twice
5–6Touch right heel forward, step right beside left
7–8Step right foot to right side, step left beside right
9–12Touch left heel forward twice, touch left toe back twice
13–14Touch left heel forward, step left beside right
15-16Step left foot to left side, step right beside left

Step forward hitch, Step kick, Coaster Step
17-20Step right foot forward, hitch left, step down on left, hitch right
21-22Step down on right foot forward, kick left
23&24Step back on left, step right beside left, step forward left

2x ¼ Turns Left, V Step
25-28Step forward on right foot, turn ¼ turn left, Step right foot forward, turn ¼ turn left
29-32Step right forward to right diagonal, step left forward to left diagonal, step right back to center, step left beside right


Last Update – 8th March 2019