Cas Cis Cus CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 64Wall: 1Level: Phrased Improver

Choreographer: Evi Pravita – March 2019

Music: Cas Cis Cus by Harry Roesli

Sequence : A A B B A A Tag A B B Tag
Intro: 40 counts
Thanks To my family for support & Special thanks to Kania Roesli for giving me this song.

PART A: 32 count
Section A1: Hitch / Place x4
1 - 2Rise R foot, step down
3 - 4Rise L foot, step down
5 -:6 Rise R foot, Step down
7 - 8Rise L foot, Step down
(For step movement forward do Like ketuk Tilu dance, the traditional dance from Indonesia.while doing this movement put both of your palm on your shoulder)

Section A2: Cross, Hitch, Side, Touch 2x . R , L
1 - 2cross R heel over L, Hitch
3 - 4step R side, touch L beside R
5 - 6cross L heel over R , Hitch
7 - 8step L side , touch R beside L
( while do this section put your pointer finger on your forehead and put another hand on your waist)

Section A3: Side, touch R,L, ¼ turn R, step L forward, ½ pivot turn R, ¼ turn R
1 - 4step R to R side, touch L beside R, step L to L side ,touch R beside L
5 - 8turn ¼ R step R forward 3.00 , step L forward, ½ turn R step R forward 9.00, ¼ turn R step R side

Section A4: Pivot ½ turn L, forward lock shuffle 2x, pivot ½ turn L
1 - 2step R forward , 1/2 turn to left step L forward 6.00
3 & 4step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward
5 & 6Step L forward, lock R behind, step L forward
7 – 8step R forward, ½ turn to L step L forward 12.00

PART B: 32
Section B1: Modified Vine R, full turn R
1 – 4step R to R side, step L behind R, turn ¼ R step R forward, step L forward
5 – 8½ turn R step R forward, ¼ turn R step L side, step R behind L, step L side

Section B2: Forward Coaster touch 2x
1 – 4step R forward , step L togather beside R, step R backward, touch L beside R
5 – 8step L forward, step R togather beside L, step L backward, touch R beside L

Section B3: Forward together, forward , bend knees, step back L, R, L, touch
1 – 4step R forward, step L together beside R, step R forward , bend both of your knees body angel diagonal to R side 1.30
5 - 8step back L , R, L ,touch R beside L

Section B4: Bumps 2x R ,L, Hip sway 4 x R, L, R, L
1 & 2Bump R,L, R
3 & 4Bump L, R, L
5 – 8sway R, L, R,L
When doing this part, do it like Yapong traditional dance from Indonesia

1 - 8Jazz box 2x