The Little Farmer CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Mona Leth, April 2019 (DK)

Music: The Farmer by Robert Mizzel

Intro: 16 counts

Section 1: Heel hook heel flick, Shuffle forward x2
1&2&R heel forward, hook R over L, R heel forward, Flick R backwards
3&4Shuffle forward R-L-R
5&6&L heel forward, hook L over R, L heel forward, Flick L backwards
7&8Shuffle forward L-R-L

Section 2: Step ½ turn pivot, step ¼ turn pivot, jazzbox cross
1-2Step forward R, make ½ turn L (6.00)
3-4Step forward R, make ¼ turn L (3.00)
5-6Cross R over L, step back on L
7-8Step R to side, cross L over R

Section 3: Chasse R and Back Rock Recover, Chasse L and Back Rock Recover
1&2Chasse R (R-L-R)
3-4Rock back on L, Recover on R
5&6Chasse L (L-R-L)
7-8Rock back on R, recover on L

Section 4: Step Forward Kick, Back Touch, ¼ turn R Step Forward Kick, L Coasterstep
1-2Step forward on R, kick forward with L
3-4Step L back in place, touch R next to L
5-6Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on R, kick forward with L (6.00)
7&8Step back L, R next to L, step forward on L


RESTART: Wall 7 after the first 2 sections: Replace the Jazzbox Cross in section 2 with Jazzbox ¼ turn R. Restart the dance at 6.00.

ENDING: In the last wall, after Jazzbox Cross do Chasse R and then step ¼ turn with L, R next to L…. tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mona Leth, Denmark.