BABY (I Love You) CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Improver

Choreographer: Regina Cheung, Canada (May 2019)

Music: Baby by Clean Bandit feat. Marina and the Diamonds and Luis Fonsi

Intro : 32 Counts

Section 1: Cross Samba R & L, R Rock Recover, R Back Shuffle
1&2Step right forward (slightly across left), rock ball of left to left side, recover weight right
3&4Step left forward (slightly across right), rock ball of right to right side, recover weight left
5 6Rock right forward, Recover on left
7&8Step right back, Lock left across right, Step right back (12:00)

Section 2: L Back Rock Recover, L Forward Shuffle, Jazz Box 1/4 R
1 2Rock left back as you push hip out to right, Recover on right
3&4Step left forward, Lock right behind, Step left forward
5 6Step right cross over left, Step left back 1/4 right
7 8Step right on right side, Step left cross over right (3:00)

Section 3: R Side Rock, Behind Side Forward, Hip Roll (or Paddle) 1/4 Right X 2
1 2Rock right on side, Recover on left
3&4Step right behind left, Step left on side, Step right forward
5 6Step left forward, Hip Roll (or Paddle) 1/4 right
7 8Step left forward, Hip Roll (or Paddle) 1/4 right (9:00)

Section 4: Jazz Box Cross, Side Touch, Kick Ball Change
1 2Step left over right, Step right back
3 4Step left on side, Step right Cross over left
5 6Step left to side, Touch right next to left
7&8Kick right forward, Step right next to left, Step left forward (9:00)

Ending : Last wall finish facing (12:00) raise both hands make a heart shape in front of chest.