Fact CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Improver

Choreographer: Eun Mi Lim & S.E.A of love (July 2019)

Music: FACT (팩트) by Koyote (코요태)

Intro: #32 counts (approx. 15secs)

S1: Kick-Out-Out, R Touch, Side, L Touch, Side, R Forward, Pivot 1/4Turn L
1&2Kick Forward on R, Step R to right side, Step L to L Side.
3-4Touch R toe beside L, Step R to right side.
5-6Touch L toe to beside R, Step L to left side.
7-8Step forward on R, Pivot 1/4turn L end weight on L. (9:00)
*Restart: Dance wall 2 up to count 8 and start again (facing 12:00)

S2: Cross Shuffle, L Side, R Behind, L Chasse, Rock Cross/Recover
1&2Cross R over L, Step L to left side, Cross R over L.
3-4Step L to left side, Cross R behind L.
5&6Step L to left side, Step R next to L, Step L to left side.
7-8Rock cross R over L, Recover on to L.

S3: 1/4Turn R Forward, 1/2Turn R Back, Coaster Step, Diagonal Forward (L-R), Hips Roll
1-21/4Turn R stepping forward on R (12:00), 1/2Turn R stepping back on L. (6:00)
3&4Step back on R, Step L next to R, Step forward on R.
5-6Step L forward diagonal left, Step R forward diagonal right.
7-8Roll hips in a full circle clockwise for 2counts (end weight on R)

S4: Jazz Box-Cross, L Point, L Hitch, L Point, 1/4Turn L Together
1-2Cross L over R, Step back on R.
3-4Step L to left side, Cross R over L.
5-6Point L to left side, Hitch L across R.
7-8Point L to left side, 1/4turn L stepping L next to R. (3:00)

*Tag: End of wall 4 (facing 6:00), wall 6 (facing 12:00), wall 7 (facing 3:00), wall 9 (facing 9:00), wall 12 (facing 6:00), wall 14 (facing 12:00)
Tag (4 counts): Rocking Chair.
1-2-3-4Rock forward on R, Recover on to L, Rock back on R, Recover on to L

Contact: http://cafe.daum.net/allthatlinedance
Eun Mi: angel4740@hanmail.net Eun Ah: a52058770@gmail.com