Venus CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Improver Cha Cha style

Choreographer: Rex Chuan – July 2019

Music: "Venus" by Lady Gaga

Tag: 0 - Restart: 0

Start: After 16 ct of introduction, with vocal.

S1: Side, Back Rock, Recover, Cha Cha Cha, Jazz Box Turn
123LF L(1), RF rock back(2), recover (3)
4&5RF forward (4), RF Lock in (&), LF forward(5)
678LF cross RF(6), L quarter turn and RF backward (7), LF L(8). (9:00)

S2: Paddle Turn X2, Kick Ball Change, Side Tap, Ball, Hip Down
1234RF step forward (1), RF paddle L quarter turn (2), RF step forward(3), RF paddle L quarter turn (4)
56&L quarter turn and RF kick diagonally (5), RF together (6), LF cross RF(&),
7&8LF tap R hip bump(7), Weight shift to RF(&), Hip down & pop L(8). (12:00)

S3: Turn & Weight Shift, Samba Step, Cross Shuffle, Unwind, Heel Swivel R L
12&3Weight shift to LF and L quarter turn(1), RF forward (2), LF L(&), RF R(3)
4&5LF cross RF(4), RF R(&), LF cross RF(5)
678&R unwind ⅝ turn(6,7), RF heel swivel R(8) and R(&) (4:30)

S4: Forward, Lock Step X2, Forward, Kick, Backward, Tap, Cross, Turn, Back, Tu
12&3&4RF forward(1), LF forward(2), RF lock in(&), LF forward (3), RF lock in(&)
5678&RF kick forward(5), RF backward(6), R quarter turn and LF tap L RF knee bent(7), LF cross(8), L quarter turn and RF backward (&), L ⅛ turn for next step (3:00)

Enjoy the dance!