Cool Brothers CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Improver

Choreographer: Lilian Lo – August 2019

Music: Cool by Jonas Brothers – Cool – Single (2.47 mins.)

Intro: 16 counts (0.13 mins)

S1 (1 – 8) Prissy walk L-R-L, out, out, body lean R-L and brush hair, chug forward x 2
1 2LF prissy walk forward (1), RF prissy walk forward (2),
3&4LF prissy walk forward (3), RF step to side (&), LF step side (4), @12:00
5 6Lean upper body to R, bend R knee, R hand brush hair (5), lean upper body to L, bend L knee, L hand brush hair (6),
7 8Chug forward 2 times on both feet with hip thrust (7,8)

S2 (9 – 16) Lean body R, brush shoulder x 2, replace, ½ R, flick, close, heel, ball, cross, side, close, shoulder down-up-down
1 2Lean upper body to R, bend R knee, brush L shoulder with R hand (1), lean further R, brush L shoulder with R hand (2),
3&4Replace on LF (3), RF flick back (&), ½ turn R on LF, RF close next to LF (4), @6:00
5&6L heel tap diagonal (5), replace on ball of LF (&), RF cross over LF (6),
7&LF step to side, lower L shoulder (7), lower R shoulder (&),
8RF next to RF, lower L shoulder (8)
S3 (17 – 24) Tap out-in-out, weave, diagonal and lean and snap, replace, 1/8 L, LF flick back
1&2RF tap to side (1), RF tap next to LF (&), RF tap to side (2),
3&4RF cross behind LF (3), LF step to side (&), RF cross over LF (4),
5,6LF step to L diagonal, bend L knee, lean upper body over the leg, snap L fingers (5), lean further, snap L fingers (6),
7&8Replace on RF (7), flick LF back, turn 1/8 L (&), LF cross behind RF (8) @ 3:00

S4 (25 – 32) Flick back R-L, rock back, replace, forward, step, ½ L, ¼ L, stomp, shoulder down-up-down
1,2RF flick and step back (1), LF flick and step back (2),
3&4RF rock back (3), replace on LF (&), RF step forward (4),
5&6LF step forward (5), ½ turn L, RF close to LF (&), ¼ turn L, LF step to side (6), @9:00
7&8RF stomp next to LF, lower R shoulder (7), lower L shoulder (&), lower R shoulder (8)@6:00

Tag: It happens at the end of Wall 5, facing 6:00
1RF step to side, turn upper body over R shoulder to face front, pump L fist above head (1),
2Pump L fist above head (2)
Then continue with Wall 6