Nothin To Hide CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 48Wall: 2Level: Improver / Intermediate Cha Cha style

Choreographer: Peter Davenport (ES) October 2019

Music: Ain't Nothing Bout You, - Brooks & Dunn Ff, Brett Young

#31 Count Intro, start just before vocals 29 ish seconds, Track Length 4.03

S1 Chasse R, Cross Rock, Chasse 1/4 L, Pivot 1/2 Chasse 1/4 R
8&1Chasse R, R.L.R 12
2.3Cross rock L over R, Recover on R 12
4&5Chasse 1/4 L, step L to L, 9
6.7Step forward on R, Pivot 1/2 L (weight on L) 3
**R/S W/3 After Count 6.7 Here Becomes the first 8&1
8&1Chasse 1/4 R R.L.R 12
S2 Cross Rock, Cross Rock, Hinge 1/4 L Turn Touch, R Lock Step
2&3Cross rock L over R, Recover on R, Step L to L (quick rock step) 12
4&5Cross rock R over L, Recover on L, Step R to R (quick rock step) 12
6.7Hinge 1/4 L step L to L , Touch R to L (no weight on R) 9
8&1R lock step forward, R.L.R (diagonally R) 10

S3 L Lock, Step 1/2 Step L, Walk L.R L, R Lock Step Forward
2&3Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward 7
4&5Step R forward, Pivot 1/2 L Step forward R (weight on R) 1
6.7&Walk forward L, Walk forward R, Quickly lock L behind R 1
8&1R lock step forward (come forward on R) 1

S4 Press Sweep, Sailor 1/4 L, Step 1/4 Cross, 1/4, 1/2 Step
2.3Press L toe down, Recover on R, (whilst starting to sweep L round) 1
4&5Sailor 1/4 L 9
6&7Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 L, Cross R over L 6
8&11/4 R step back on L, 1/2 R step forward on R, Step forward on L 3

S5 Step Touch, L Shuffle, Rock Replace Hinge 1/2 R , Shuffle Forward R
2.3Step forward R, Touch L to R, (diagonally R) 3
4&5L Shuffle forward L.R.L 3
6.7&Rock forward R 6, Recover L 7, Hinge 1/2 R & (hitch R knee up ready for turn) 3
8&1R Shuffle forward, R.L.R 9

S6 Rock 1/4 L, Cross Shuffle, Step Side, Slide R to L, Touch R To L
2&3Rock forward L, Recover on R, 1/4 L step L to L 6
4&5R cross shuffle, R.L.R 6
6.7&Step L to L 6,(long slide) Drag R to L 7, Touch R to L & 6

Thank you to Simon Ward for agreeing to let me Choreograph an Improver Dance to his
Dance, Nothing To Hide July 2019.