Who Do U Love? CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Angéline Fourmage (8 January 2020)

Music: Who Do U Love? by Monsta X feat French Montana - amazon

Start: 32 counts (Approximately 22s.) –2 Restarts –1 Repeat
Sequence: A-A-4-A-16-A-A-A-Repeat last 4 counts-A-A-

[1-8]: Rocking-Chair, Triple-Step, Step Turn ½ R
1-2RF FW, Recover onLF
3-4RF Back, Recover onLF° Restart
5&6RFFW, LF next to RF, RF FW
7-8LF FW, Make ½ R

[9-16]: Step FW, Rock-Step with ¼ L, Cross-Shuffle, Rock-Step, Weave
3-4&Make ¼ L (Weight is on L), Cross RF over LF, LF to the L side
5-6Cross RF over LF, LF to L side
7-8&Recover onRF,° Restart(Make LF next to RF)LF behind, RF to R side

[17-24]: Cross, Rock-Step, Coaster-Step, Toe-Strut with ½ R, Step Back
1-2Cross LF over RF, RF FW
3-4&Recover to LF, RF Back, LF next to RF
5-6-7RF FW, Toe-Strut with ½ R(Make ½ R with L toe, Down L Heel)
8R Back

[25-32]: Side, Together, Triple Step, Rock-Step, Together, Rock-Step, Together
1-2LF to L side, RF next to LF
3&4L Triple-Step (LF FW, RF next to LF, LF FW)
5-6&° RepeatRF FW, Recover on LF, RF next to LF
7-8&LF FW, Recover onRF, LF next to RF

NOTA: RF = Right Foot LF = Left Foot FW = Forward
Smile and enjoy the dance

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