B. B. & B. CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 38Wall: 0Level:

Choreographer: Unknown

Music: Any Way The Wind Blows by Brother Phelps

1-2Heel spread, back together
3Touch right toe to right side
4Step right foot in position
5-6Heel spread, back together
7Touch left toe to left side
8Step left foot in position
9-10Heel spread, back together
11Touch right heel forward
12Touch right toe across left foot
13Touch right heel forward
14Step right foot in position
15Touch left heel forward
16Touch left toe across right foot
17Touch left heel forward
18Touch left foot to right instep
19Step left foot forward
20Hitch right knee and slap it with left hand
21Touch right toe to left instep
22Hitch right knee and slap it with left hand
23Step right foot forward
24Slide left foot next to right
25Step right foot forward
26Turn ½ left while hitching left knee
27Step left foot forward
28Slide right foot next to left
29Step left foot forward
30Hitch right knee
31Step right foot forward
32Hitch left knee
33Step left foot forward
34Hitch right knee
35Step right foot forward
36Slide left foot next to right
37Step right foot forward
38Stomp left foot