Clinging To You CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 40Wall: 4Level: Easy Intermediate

Choreographer: Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk

Music: Clinging to you by Ed Burleson

Intro : appr. 20 counts – 9 sec. Start on main vocals

R. Toe Strut, L. Crossing Toe Strut, Chassé R, Back Rock L, Recover R
1-2Step Right toe to the right , Drop Right heel to floor
3-4Cross Left toe over Right, Drop Left heel to floor
5&6Step Right to right side, Close Left next to Right, Step Right to right side
7-8Rock Left behind Right, Recover onto Right

L. Toe Strut, R. Crossing Toe Strut, ¼ Turn R. ¼ Turn R., Crossing Toe Strut
1-2Step Left toe to left , Drop Left heel to floor
3-4Cross Right toe over Left , Drop Right heel to floor
5-6¼ Turn right step Left back, ¼ Turn right step Right to right side (06:00)
7-8Cross Left toe over Right , Drop Left heel to floor

Side Rock R, Recover L, Crossing R. Toe Strut, Side Step L., Close next to R, Step Forward L, Scuff R
1-2Rock Right to right side, Recover onto Left
3-4Cross Right toe over left , Drop Right heel to floor
5-6Step Left to left side, Close Right next to left
7-8Step Left forward, Scuff Right next to left

Rock R. Forward, Recover L, ½ Turn right, Step R. Forward, Scuff L, Step L. Forward, Touch R. behind L, Step R. Back, Hook L in front of R
1-2Step R. forward, Recover onto Left
3-4½ Turn right step Right forward, Scuff Left next to right (12:00)
5-6Step Left forward, Touch Right toes behind Left
7-8Step Right back, Hook Left over Right shin

L. Shuffle Forward, Step R., ¼ Turn L., Cross R, ¼ Turn R., ¼ Turn R., Cross L
1&2Step Left forward, Close Right next to left, Step Left forward
3-4Step Right forward, ¼ Turn Left
5-6Cross Right over left, ¼ Turn right step Left back
7-8¼ Turn right step Right to right side, Cross Left over right (03:00)

Start again. Smile, and have fun