A Creepin' CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Alan Spence (April 2012)

Music: Creepin by Eric Church, CD: Chief (90 bpm)

32 Count Intro - Start with Vocals:- No Tags or Restarts

Point, Together, Heel, Together, Heel, Hook, Step, Step Lock Step, Rock, Coaster Step
1 &Point Right to Right Side, Step Right Beside Left
2 &Put Left Heel Forward, Step Left Beside Right
3 &Put Right Heel Forward, Hook Right Across Front of Left
4Step Forward on Right
5 & 6Step Forward Left, Lock Right Behind Left, Step Forward Left
&Rock Forward on Right
7 & 8Recover Back on Left , Step Right Beside Left , Step Forward Left

Rock Fwd Recover, !/4 Turn, Cross, Kick Ball Cross, Point, 1/4 Turn, Hitch, Back Lock Back, Back
1 &Rock Forward on Right, Recover on Left,
2 &Make 1/4 Turn Right Steping Right to Side, Cross Left Over Right
3 & 4Kick Right to Right Diagonal, Step Right Beside Left, Cross Left Over Right
5 &Point Right to Right Side, Make 1/4 Turn Right Keeping Weight on Left
6 & 7Hitch Right, Step Back on Right, Lock Left Across Front of Right
& 8Step Back Right, Step Back Left

Back Rock, Side Rock, Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn, Step 1/2 Pivot Step, Point, Twist x3
1 &Rock Back on Right, Recover on Left
2 &Rock to Right Side, Recover on Left
3 & 4Cross Rock Right Over Left , Recover on Left , Make 1/4 Turn Right Stepping Forward on Right
5 & 6Step Forward Left, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Step Forward Left
&Point Right Forward, Raise up on to Balls of Feet
7 & 8Twist Heels Right, Twist Heels Left, Twist to Centre ( Weight on Left )

Hitch, Back, Heel, Together, Step Lock Step, Fwd Rock, 1/4 Turn,Step 1/2 Pivot Step, Step
1 & 2Hitch Right, Step Back on Right, Put Left Heel Forward
&Step Left beside Right
3 & 4Step Forward on Right, Lock Left Behind Right, Step Forward on Right
5 & 6Rock Forward on Left, Recover Back on Right, Make 1/4 Turn Left Stepping Forward on Left
& 7 &Step Forward on Right, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn, Step Forward on Right,
8Step Forward on Left

End of Dance Enjoy