The Way She Crank It Up CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer: Penny Tan (Feb 2013)

Music: Crank It Up by David Guetta feat.Akon

Start: 16 counts

SEC1: Side touch together, repeat on LF, fwd heel together, repeat on LF, cross together, repeat on LF
1&2&Touch RF to R side, step RF beside LF, touch LF to L side, step LF beside RF
3&4&Fwd RF heel, step RF beside LF, fwd LF heel, step LF beside RF
5&6Cross RF over LF, step LF together RF (body diagonal facing1:30)
7&8Cross LF over RF, step RF together LF (body diagonal facing10:30)

SEC2: Cross , side, back, side, cross, side rock, ¼ turn, fwd shuffle
1-2Cross RF over LF, step LF to L side
3&4Step RF behind LF, step LF to L side, cross RF over LF
5-6Step LF to side, rock recover on RF
7&81/4 turn R, fwd LF shuffle (3.00)

SEC3: Diagonal fwd rock, coaster step, forward rock , step back
1-2Diagonal rock RF to R side, recover on L
3&4RF coaster step
5-6Rock forward on LF to L side, recover on R
7&8Step back on LF,RF,LF

SEC4: Step back ,drag, knee pop ,walk fwd, fwd hips bumps
1-2RF big step to back , drag LF beside RF (“pop” R knee )
3-4Fwd on RF, LF
5 6 7 8Fwd on RF with hips bumps in 2 counts, then to the LF

Dance again!

Tag 1: After wall 3 on wall 4(9.00), make a 8 counts tag
1 - 2Step RF to R side , recover RF beside LF (knees bend with body shake)
3 - 4Step LF to L side , recover LF beside RF (knees bend with body shake)
5 - 6Repeat 1 - 2
7 - 8Repeat 3 - 4

Tag 2: After wall 8, facing 12.00 , make a 24 counts tag and following with Tag 1
1-2-3-4Step RF to R side and dragging LF to RF with slow body roll
5-6-7-8Step LF to L side and dragging RF to LF with slow body roll

1-2-3-4Walk forward RF in 2 counts, LF fwd in 2 counts
5-6-7-8Cross RF over LF , make a full turn to L

1-2-3-4Mambo rock recover on RF, LF
5-6-7-8Mambo rock recover on RF, LF
Repeat Tag 1