Heartbreak Hotel CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 64Wall: 4Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Gabi S (Swe) March 2013

Music: Heartbreak Hotel by Yohio

2 restarts : walls 2 and 5

Vine, touch vine, hitch
1-2Right step to right side , left step behind right
3-4Right step to right side , left touch beside right
5-6Left step to left side, right step behind left
7-8Left step to left side , right hitch

Rock back , recover, step ¼ turn, cross shuffle , ¼ turn ½ turn
1-2Right rock back, recover to left
3-4Right step fwd, ¼ turn to left
5&6Right cross over left, left to left side , right cross over left
7-8Left turn ¼ to right stepping back, ½ turn to right step right fwd
Restart wall 5 small change

Walk walk , step turn ½ , ½ ½ ½ turn touch
1-2Left fwd, right fwd
3-4Left fwd, ½ turn to right
5-6Left ½ turn to right step back, right ½ turn right step fwd
7-8Left ½ turn right step back, right touch beside left

Shuffle fwd, walk walk, rock recover, ½ turn ½ turn
1&2Right fwd , left beside right , right fwd
3-4Left fwd, right fwd
5-6Left rock fwd , recover to right
7-8Left ½ turn to left travelling back, right ½ turn left

Coaster step, walk walk, sailor step, sailor ¼ turn
1&2Left step back, right beside left, left step fwd
3-4Right fwd, left fwd
5&6Step right behind left, step left out to left, step right out to right
7&8Step 1/4 turn to left stepping left behind right, step down on right to right side , left to left side

Cross rock, chasse, cross rock chasse ¼ turn
1-2Right cross over left, recover to left
3&4Right to right side, left beside right, right to right side
5-6Left cross over right, recover to left
7&8Left ¼ turn to left , right beside left , left step fwd

Jazzbox , step ¼ turn, cross shuffle
1-2Right cross over left, left step back
3-4Right step to right side, left step fwd
Restart wall 2
5-6Right step fwd , ¼ turn to left
7&8Right cross over left, left step to left side, right cross over left

¼ turn ¼ turn cross rock recover, walk in a circle (Full turn)3 steps touch
1-2¼ turn to right step left back, ¼ turn step right to right side
3-4Left cross over right ,recover to right
5-6walk in circle tree steps full turn to left with left right
7-8left and touch with right beside left


Restart wall 2 after Jazzbox start again.
Restart wall 5 dance 16 counts with a small change :
The last turn : make a ¼ turn and the ½ turn make a hitch turn instead so that you have the right foot free , to start over with.


Contact: gabriella.siegers@bredband.net