On My Mind CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Improver

Choreographer: Gabi S (Swe) April 2013

Music: On My Mind - Robin Stjernberg

16 count intro
2 Restarts: on 2nd wall after 16 counts and 6th wall after 16 counts you have to chain wheat to left on the last count for Starting again. Like a ball step 8 & 1.

Walk , walk , touch ball step, rock recover , triple turn ¾
1-2Right fwd, left fwd
3&4Right touch beside left , step down on right, step fwd left
5-6Right rock fwd, recover to left
7&8Right ¼ turn to right, left ¼ turn step beside right, right ¼ turn step fwd

Samba step, samba step, step turn ½ , turn ½ , ½
1&2Left step fwd, rock right to right, recover on left
3&4Right step fwd, rock left to left, recover on right
5-6Left step fwd, turn ½ to right
7-8Turn ½ to right step left back, ½ turn step right fwd
Restart wall 2 and 6.

Walk, walk, step lock step, step lock step, rock recover
1-2Left fwd, right fwd
3&4Left step fwd, right step behind left, left step fwd
5&6Right step fwd, left step behind right, right step fwd
7-8Left rock fwd, recover to right

Coaster step , step turn ½ , vaudeville, vaudeville
1&2Left step back, right step beside left, left step fwd
3-4Right step fwd, ½ turn to left
5&6&Right step in front of left , left to left side, right heel to right diagonal , right step beside left
7&8&Left step in front of right, right to right side , left heel to left diagonal, left step beside right


Contact: gabriella.siegers@bredband.net