Back To Louisiana CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 2Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Shirley Blankenship (April 30, 2013)

Music: Scooter Lee -- Going Back To Louisiana. Cd: Home To Louisiana

Start Dancing On ""I'm Going Back""

Forward Shuffle, Back Shuffle, Rock, Recover
1&2Shuffle Forward On Right (Rlr)
3-4Rock Foward Left, Recover Right
5&6Shuffle Back On Left (Lrl)
7-8Rock Back Right, Recover Left

Forward Step Point's, Back Point's
1-2Step Forward Right,Point Left
3-4Step Forward Left ,Point Right
5-6Step Back Right,Point Left
7-8Step Back Left, Point Right
Steps Are Slightly In Front Before Points

Jazz Box I/4 Right Twice
1-2Cross Right Over Left,Back On Left
3-4Step 1/4 Right On Right, Step Left
5-6Cross Right Over Left,Back On Left
7-8Step 1/4 Right On Right, Step Left (Weight On Left)

Side, Together, Side Rock, Recover
1&2Step Right To Side,Left Together, Step Right
3-4Rock Left Back, Recover On Right
5&6Step Left To Side, Right Together, Step Left
7-8Rock Right Back, Recover Left