A Little Lucky CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: High Beginner

Choreographer: Ruben Luna & Lynne Martino, (July 2013)

Music: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk

32 Count Intro, Start on Vocals

[1-8] 2 Walks, Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Rock, Recover
1,2Walk forward R(1), L(2)
3-6Touch R out to right side(3), step R back slightly behind L(4), touch L out to left side(5), step L back slightly behind R(6)
7,8Rock R back(7), recover on L(8)

[9-16] Jazz Box Cross ¼ Turn, Step, Touch, Step Touch
1-4Cross R over L(1), turning ¼ right, step L back(2), step R to right side(3), cross L over R(4)
5-8Step R to right side(5), touch L next to R(6), step L to left side(7), touch R next to L(8)
* Restart Wall 10 (12:00 o'clock)

[17-24] 3 Walks, Touch, 3 Walks, Touch
1-4Walk forward R(1), L(2), R(3), touch L out to left side(4)
5-8Walk back L(5), R(6), L(7), touch R out to right side(8)

[24-32] Step, ½ Pivot Turn, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1,2Step R forward(1), turning ½ pivot turn left, step L forward(2)
3&4Step R forward(3),step L next to R(&), step R forward(4)
5,6Rock L forward(5), recover on R(6)
7&8Step L back(7), step R next to L(&), step L forward(8)

End of Dance

*Restart on Wall 10 after 16 counts at 12:00 o'clock

Choreographer Info: -
Ruben Luna, rsluna2@aol.com, Website:n2linedance.net
Lynne Martino, wiska51@aol.com, facebook:Lynne's Dance Crew