River Bank CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 24Wall: 4Level: Improver

Choreographer: Lynn Card (April 2014)

Music: River Bank by Brad Paisley

Alt. music: "Fireball" by Pitbull

Kick, Out Out, Swivel Heels, Step Hitch, Coaster Step
1&2,3&4Kick R forward, step apart stepping R to right and L to left(shoulder width apart), swivel heels to the left, to the right, to the left ending up facing at diagonal(2 o’clock)
5,6,7&8Step R forward at diagonal(2 o’clock), hitch L knee forward, step back on L, step back on R, step forward on L(still at 2 o’clock diagonal)

Shuffle, Pivot Turn, Walk, Walk, Side Rock Cross with 1/8 Turn
1&2,3,4At 2 o’clock diagonal step R forward, step L next to right, step R forward, step L forward and pivot ½ turn to diagonal(8 o’clock), recover forward on R
5,6,7&8At 8 o’clock diagonal walk L forward, walk R forward, turn your body 1/8 turn clockwise to(9 o’clock) and rock L to left side, recover on R to right side, cross L over R

Touch R, Hold, ¼ Turn, Touch L, Hold, Toe Touches w/Weight Switches, ¼ Turn
1,2&3,4Touch R to right side, hold, make a ¼ turn clockwise as you step R next to L(12 o’clock), touch L to left side, hold
&5&6,&7,8Step L next to R, touch R to right side, step R next to L, touch L to left side, step L next to R, touch R to right side, make a ¼ turn bringing R in next to L and touch(3 o’clock)

Contact: lynncard28@gmail.com