Keep The Kisses Comin' CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 32Wall: 4Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Jon Peppin (Feb 2014)

Music: Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Craig Campbell. Album: Craig Campbell

Start Position: Feet together with weight on the L foot
Starts on vocals 16 counts in. Direction: Anti-Clockwise

1,2Step/rock R to R side, rock/replace weight onto L,
3,4Step R beside L, hold for one count,
5,6Step/rock L to L side, rock/replace weight onto R,
7,8Step L beside R, hold for one count,

1,2,3,4Step R forward to R45, lock L behind R, step R forward to R45, touch L beside R,
5,6,7,8Step/rock L forward, rock back on R, step L back, hold for one count,

1,2,3,4Vine R - step R to R side, step L behind R, step R to R side, touch L beside R,
5,6,7,8Vine L with turn - step L to L side, step R behind L, turning 90 degrees L - step L forward, Scuff R forward, (9:00 wall)

1,2,3,4R Rocking Chair - step R forward, rock back on L, step R back, rock forward on L,
5,6,7,8Reggae - step R over L, step L back, step R to R side, step L beside R.

As taught by the Travelling Cowboy. (Ph.0413.714725).