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Setsuko Motoki

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Setsuko Motoki has choreographed 37 dances, of which 1 has been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Kiss Me from October 2007, with their most recent stepsheet of I Am in Feburary 2020.

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I Am  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - February 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: I AM - Club Yoko

Everybody's Gonna Dance  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - September 2019

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Everybody's Gonna Dance - DJ Bobo

Don't Be Cruel  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - April 2018

    72 Compte    2 Mur    Phrased Intermediate   Musique: Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

Daddy Cool  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - October 2016

    64 Compte    1 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Daddy Cool - Boney M.

Happy  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - July 2014

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Happy - Pharrell Williams

Sukiyaki 2011 Send I (Love) Japan  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - September 2011

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto

Georgie On A Fast Train  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - February 2008

32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Georgia On a Fast Train - Billy Joe Shaver

Pretty Fly  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - August 2005

32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Pretty Fly - The Offspring

Yee Haw  Setsuko Motoki (JP) - February 2007

48 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Yee Haw - Jake Owen : (CD: Startin' With Me)

Ain't Drinkin' Anymore  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Ain't Drinkin Anymore - Kevin Fowler

Buckaroo  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Buckaroo - Lee Ann Womack

The Bride  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: The Bride - Trick Pony

Cloud Of Dust  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

64 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Cloud of Dust - Rustie Blue

Don't Come Cryin'  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Don't Come Cryin' - Rustie Blue

Good Morning Beautiful  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Good Morning Beautiful - Steve Holy

Hands Up!  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

48 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) - Ottawan

I Don't Want To Say Goodbye  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

48 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner waltz   Musique: I Don't Want To Say Goodbye - Teddy Thompson

I Wanna Be A Hillbilly  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

48 Compte    4 Mur    Improver two step   Musique: I Wanna Be a Hillbilly - Billy Currington

If I Only Knew  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: If I Only Knew - Tom Jones

I'm Movin' On  Setsuko Motoki (JP)

48 Compte    4 Mur    Improver waltz   Musique: I'm Movin' On - Rascal Flatts

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