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Sonia Cole

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United Kingdom
Sonia Cole has choreographed 9 dances, of which all have been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Born To Be Blue (P) from July 2013, with their most recent stepsheet of Any Minute (P) in November 2023.

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Any Minute (P)  Sonia Cole (UK) & Alan Cole (UK) - November 2023

    64 Compte    - Mur    Intermediate Partner   Musique: Any Minute Now - Tracy Lawrence

Guardian Angel (P)  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - April 2023

    64 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: Guardian Angel - Carlene Carter

Guardian Angel  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - April 2023

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Improver   Musique: Guardian Angel - Carlene Carter

Stormy Shuffles Tonight (P)  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - November 2022

    64 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: Bad Storm Coming Tonight - Collin Raye

Neon Hearts (P)  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - August 2022

    64 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: Broken Neon Hearts - Ronnie Dunn

To Learn Her (Line)  Linda Byrum (USA), Paul Brown (USA), Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - January 2018

    48 Compte    4 Mur    -   Musique: To Learn Her - Miranda Lambert

To Learn Her (P)  Linda Byrum (USA), Paul Brown (USA), Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - April 2018

    48 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: To Learn Her - Miranda Lambert

Dancing Machine (P)  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - July 2015

    64 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: Honky Tonk Dancing Machine - Tracy Byrd : (CD: Love Lesssons)

Born To Be Blue (P)  Alan Cole (UK) & Sonia Cole (UK) - July 2013

    64 Compte    - Mur    Partner   Musique: Born To Be Blue - The Mavericks : (Album: Lies)


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