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Jean-Louis LEQUEUX
Jean-Louis LEQUEUX
site Web:


My bio: I started dancing long long time ago, at university.
Actually, I studied Aeronautics Engineering, but I also attended Modern Jazz Dance lessons taught next door… a canal separated our campuses.

It’s only when I returned from Canada, that I started to practice Country Dance. And finally, it’s only recently, since I joined Michele and Bruce Wilkerson’s dance club, that I’m remembering my penchant for writing step sheets and exploring new ways of expression.

I love Country Music, Jazz and Argentine Tango.
After a very Latino afternoon, I realized that Bossa Nova is obviously syncretizing many North and South American rhythms. Bossa nova has flavors of both jazz and tango, although it’s close connections with samba. It is why I’ve launched: “Bossa Nova Way” on my site.
The objective is to elaborate and propose country steps adapted to Bossa Nova.

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