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Jo Kinser

Jo Kinser - Line Dance Chorégraphe
United Kingdom
Jo Kinser has choreographed 259 dances, of which 253 have been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Kiss On My List from October 2007, with their most recent stepsheet of Save Me From Myself in Feburary 2021.

Additionally, Jo Kinser has recently had 1 dance in the top 10 with Let Me Move You.

chorégraphe Stepsheets

Save Me From Myself  Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - January 2021

    48 Compte    2 Mur    Low Advanced Rolling 8   Musique: Save Me - Jelly Roll

Our Destiny  Jo Kinser (UK) & Ivonne Verhagen (NL) - December 2020

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: My Destiny - Eliot Kennedy

Cuddle Up and Cozy Down Christmas  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Ruben Luna (USA), Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - November 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas - Dolly Parton & Michael BublĂ© : (Album: Holly Dolly Christmas)

Let Me Move You  Jo Kinser (UK), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Rhoda Lai (CAN) & Heather Barton (SCO) - November 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Let Me Move You - Sabrina Carpenter : (From the Netflix film Work It)

Something We Can Dance To  Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY), Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Rhoda Lai (CAN), Hayley Wheatley (UK), Gregory Danvoie (BEL), Jo Kinser (UK) & Colin Ghys (BEL) - September 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    High Improver   Musique: Something We Can Dance To - Sammy Arriaga, Charlotte Sands & Ollie Joseph

Gypsy Woman  Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - August 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate smooth   Musique: Gypsy Woman - Kendell Marvel

Money's All Gone  Kate Sala (UK), Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - January 2020

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Money's All Gone - Clare Dunn

Martha Divine  Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - February 2020

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Martha Divine - Ashley McBryde

I Am Cannibal  Hayley Wheatley (UK), Wil Bos (NL), Colin Ghys (BEL), Michael Lynn (UK), Jo Kinser (UK), Rebecca Lee (MY), Amanda Rizzello (FR), Gregory Danvoie (BEL), Jonas Dahlgren (SWE), Johanna Lodin (SWE), Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) & Alison Johnstone (AUS) - July 2020

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Phrased Intermediate   Musique: Kesha - Cannibal (Clean Version) [3.10]

I'm Yours Until The End Of Time  Gregory Danvoie (BEL), Heather Barton (SCO), Alison Johnstone (AUS), Jo Kinser (UK), Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Amanda Rizzello (FR), Ivonne Verhagen (NL) & Colin Ghys (BEL) - July 2020

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Basixx, Leone - Until The End Of Time

Shampoo  Laura BARTOLOMEI (FR), Gregory Danvoie (BEL), Hayley Wheatley (UK), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Colin Ghys (BEL), Jo Kinser (UK), Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Jonas Dahlgren (SWE), John Kinser (UK) & Bradley Mather (USA) - July 2020

    64 Compte    3 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Shampoo - Benjamin Ingrosso

Chevy  Chris Watson (AUS), Jannie Tofts, Heather Barton (SCO), Jo Kinser (UK), Gregory Danvoie (BEL), Stephen Paterson (AUS), Alison Johnstone (AUS) & John Kinser (UK) - June 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Chevy - Josh Ross : (2:56)

Drinking All Weekend  Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - February 2020

    64 Compte    4 Mur    High Beginner   Musique: "Drinking All Weekend" by Blackjack Billy, Tim Hicks

Two Steppin Texas Blues  Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - March 2020

    32 Compte    4 Mur    High Beginner   Musique: "Two Steppin' Texas Blues" The Ultimate Caitlin Album

The Whole She-Bang  Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK) & Ivonne Verhagen (NL) - September 2019

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: "The Whole She-Bangs" by Glennis Grace

Let It  Roy Hoeben (NL), Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - September 2019

    32 Compte    4 Mur    High Beginner   Musique: Let It - Brandon Lay

What's Mine Is Yours  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Jo Kinser (UK), Jonas Dahlgren (SWE) & Hayley Wheatley (UK) - August 2019

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate NC2 rhythm   Musique: What's Mine Is Yours - Kane Brown : (3:36)

Calm Down  Jef Camps (BEL), Esmeralda van de Pol (NL) & Jo Kinser (UK) - June 2019

    48 Compte    2 Mur    Low Advanced   Musique: Calm Down - Sonny

Rendezvous  Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Daniel Trepat (NL), Roy Hoeben (NL) & Giuseppe Scaccianoce (IT) - May 2019

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Rendez Vous - Inna

Love Me Some You  Jo Kinser (UK) & John Kinser (UK) - May 2019

    48 Compte    4 Mur    High Beginner   Musique: Love Me Some You - Matt Lang

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