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Michael O'Shea

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chorégraphe Stepsheets

AMAZING  Michael O'shea

64 Compte    2 Mur    intermediate   Musique: Amazing by George Michael

American Spirit  Michael O'Shea (IRL) November 2017

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: 'American Spirit' by Thomas Rhett

Baby Kisses  Michael O'Shea – Ireland – May 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Save All Your Kisses For Me (remastered 2015) by Brotherhood Of Man.

Bailando (No Stress)  Michael O'Shea – Ireland. June 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: 'Bailando' by Enrique Iglesias feat Sean Paul

Be My Ever  Michael O'Shea – Ireland. Jan 2017

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: 'Forever Girl' by Frankie Z

BIG TIME  Michael O'shea

48 Compte    4 Mur    beginner   Musique: Big Time by Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan

Boys Life  Michael O'Shea (IRL) September 2017

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: 'A Country Boy's Life Well Lived' by Jon Wolfe. Album: Any Night In Texas or on single.

BREATHE EASY  Michael O'shea

48 Compte    2 Mur    intermediate   Musique: Breathe Easy by Blue

BUTTONZ  Michael O'shea & Daniel Shine

32 Compte    4 Mur    intermediate/advanced   Musique: Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls

BUTTONZ  Michael O'Shea & Daniel Shine (Ireland) Dec 06

    48 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate level   Musique: Buttonz by The Pussycat Dolls (Album: Now 64)

C'mon, C'mon  Michael O'Shea (Ireland) June 2016

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: C'mon, C'mon by One Direction

Capsize  Michael O'Shea – Ireland. Nov 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Capsize by Frenship feat. Emily Warren

Chillaxin'  Michael O'Shea (IRL) November 2018

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: 'Chillaxin' by Craig Campbell

CORK CITY CRAWL  Michael O'shea

32 Compte    4 Mur    beginner   Musique: Horse To Mexico by Trini Triggs

COYOTE MOON  Michael O'shea

32 Compte    4 Mur    intermediate   Musique: Can't Fight The Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes

DEPARTURE  Michael O'shea

48 Compte    4 Mur    intermediate waltz   Musique: I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight by Adam Harvey

Do I  Michael O'Shea – Ireland. June 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Do I Do It To You Too by Linda Davis

Don't Stop  Michael O'shea (Feb 08)

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate / Advanced   Musique: Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna

Empty Room  Michael O'Shea – Ireland – April 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    High Intermediate   Musique: 'Empty Room' by Sanna Nielsen


32 Compte    4 Mur    beginner   Musique: I Like It, I Love It by Tim McGraw

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