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Shelly Guichard

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A Cowgirls Dreams  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - September 2013

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Gypsy by Imelda May. Album: More Mayhem - iTunes

A Guy's Girl  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - May 2017

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Guys Girl by Jaida Dreyer, Single: Guy's Girl, iTunes - (2:55 mins)

A Song For You & I  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Mark Guichard (UK) - Feburary 2015

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: A Song For You And I by Union J. Album: You Got It All

An Ordinary Girl  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Mark Guichard (UK) - April 2015

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: Ordinary Girl by Kristina Cornell. Album: It's a Girl Thing

Angels Brought Me Here  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - June 2013

    48 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate NC   Musique: Angels Brought Me Here by Guy Sebastian. [Twenty Ten, Album] iTunes

Anywhere With You  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - January 2014

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Anywhere With You by The Saturdays (iTunes)

Back to The Wild Side  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - April 2013

    32 Compte    2 Mur    Beginner   Musique: The Wild Side of Life by Pirates of the Mississippi (iTunes)

Blue Cowboy  Kate Sala (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - Feburary 2019

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Where Rivers Are Red And Cowboys Are Blue by Tristan Marez. Album: That Was All Me: iTunes

Can't Stop Me Now  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - April 2013

    64 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Can't Stop Me Now Rod Stewart. [Time - Album]

Caravan of Love  Oli Geir (ICE) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - May 2015

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: Caravan of Love by: Pixie Lott (BPM 88) Album: Platinum Pixie

Cracklin Rosie  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Mark Guichard (UK) - July 2014

    40 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond. Album: The Best of Neil Diamond (iTunes)

Crazy Tonight  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - September 2014

    56 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Crazy Tonight Nashville Cast (Claire Bowen)

Even When You Want It To  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - Feburary 2017

    48 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate waltz   Musique: Little Big Town: When Someone Stops Loving You

Hey Hey Hallelujah  Rob Fowler (ES), Dee Musk (UK), Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - Feburary 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    High Improver   Musique: Hey Hey Hallelujah – Rachel Platten (feat. Andy Grammer). Album: Wildfire.

Hold your Head High  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - August 2017

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Sam Feldt & Deepend ft. Teemu – Runaways - iTunes: 3:00 mins.

I Do My Dreaming  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - July 2015

    32 Compte    2 Mur    Improver   Musique: Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open by Clay Walker. (Album: The platinum collection) iTunes

I Do My Dreaming (fr)  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - July 2015

    32 Compte    2 Mur    Novice   Musique: Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open - Clay WALKER - BPM 174

It Feels Good  Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - July 2013

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Feels Good by Dr. Hook. [Dr. Hook Greatest Hits] iTunes

Let's Dance all Night Long  Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - October 2016

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Let's Dance by Declan Nerney, Album: Nerney's Gold: The very best of Declan Nerney on iTunes (3 mins 07 secs)

Livin' Joy  Dee Musk (UK), Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - October 2018

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: 'Dreamer' by Livin' Joy – Album: Club Classics – Ministry of Sound.

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