M & C'S 6-PAK CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Count: 36Wall: 0Level:

Choreographer: Larry Wilson & Gayle Lowery

Music: Unknown

1-2Tap right heel forward twice.
3-4Hook right across left, touch right beside left.
5-6Fan right toe to side twice.
7-8Tap heels together twice.
9&10Shuffle forward right-left-right.
11&12Shuffle forward left-right-left.
13-16Grapevine right & pivot ½ turn to right, scoot/kick left.
17-20Grapevine left, kick right forward.
21-24Run forward right-left-right, pivot ¼ turn to right & hitch left.
25-28Step left down, step down on ball of right beside left, step down on left beside right & pivot ¼ turn to left, hitch right.
29-32Grapevine right & pivot ½ turn to right, scoot/kick left.
33-36Grapevine left, stomp right beside left.