Honey, We're Good

High Beginner
Lynne Herman (April 2015)
Honey, I'm Good – Andy Grammer (3:15, 122 BPM)

- 16 count introduction
- Dance naturally ends on the front wall.
- No Tags or Restarts!

SECTION 1 [1-8]: Heel Hook & Shuffle Forward, Both Sides
1-2Touch R heel diagonally forward, hook R foot in front of L leg
3&4Shuffle forward at a slight right diagonal, stepping R, L, R
5-6Touch L heel diagonally forward, hook L foot in front of R leg
7&8Shuffle forward at a slight left diagonal, stepping L, R, L

SECTION 2 [9-16]: Side, Behind & Scissor Step, Both Sides
1-2Step R to right, cross L behind R
3&4Step R to right, step L next to R, cross R over L
5-6Step L to left, cross R behind L
7&8Step L to left, step R next to L, cross L over R

SECTION 3 [17-24]: Side – Behind – Shuffle ¼ Right, Rock – Recover – Coaster Step
1-2Step R to right, cross L behind R
3&4Step R to right making a ¼ turn right to new wall, step L next to right, step R forward
5-6Rock forward on L, recover onto R
7&8Step back L, step back R next to L, step forward L

SECTION 4 [25-32]: Step – Lock – Step Lock Step, Both Sides
1-2Step R diagonally forward, lock L behind R
3&4Step R diagonally forward right, lock L behind R, step R diagonally forward right
5-6Step L diagonally forward, lock R behind L
7&8Step L diagonally forward right, lock R behind L, step L diagonally forward right

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