Daughters of The Sun

Jp Barrois (FR) - March 2018
Daughters of the Sun - George Canyon


Intro/Interlude after 16 counts before 1st wall(12:00), after 1st Tag(9:00), after 6th wall(6:00)
[1-8] R Rock forward, R coaster step, L step turn 1∕2 to R, L shuffle forward
1 2R Rock forward – Recover on L (12:00)
3&4R step back L step together R step forward (12:00)
5 6L step forward – Turn 1∕2 to R (weight on R) (6:00)
7&8L step forward – R step together – L step forward (6:00)

[9-16] Repeat count [1-8]

[1 8] R Stomp up, R Kick, R Side touch, R Sailor step, L Sailor step 1∕4 to L, R Kick
1 2 3R Stomp up, R Kick, R touch to R side (weight on L) (12:00)
4&5Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Step R to R side (12:00)
6&7Cross L behind R, Step R to R side– Step ¼ L to L side (9:00)
8Kick R forward (9:00)

[9 16] R Rock back, R full turn, R Shuffle forward, R Step turn 1∕4 to R
1 2R Rock back recover on L (9:00
3 41∕2 to L with R back 1∕2 to L with L forward (9:00)
5&6R Step forward – Step L next R– Step R forward (9:00)
7 8L Step forward – turn 1∕4 to R (weight on R) (12:00)

[17-24] Cross L , R Monterey turn 1/4, R syncopated Jazzbox cross, L step to L
1 2L cross over R R touch to R side (12:00)
3 4R step together and turn 1∕4 to R L touch to L side (3:00)
5 6&L Cross over R R Step back L step to L side (3:00)
7 8R Cross over L – L Step to L side (3:00)
Restart on 2nd wall (6:00)

[25-32] R Kick ball cross shuffle, R Side rock, R Cross shuffle, L step to L
1&2&3R kick ball cross L over R – R side step to R Cross L over R (weight on L) (3:00)
4 5R Side Rock Recover on L (3:00)
6&7Cross R over L – L side step to L Cross R over L (3:00)
8L step to L side (3:00)

Repeat Counts [25-32] on 4th wall (12:00)

TAG: Jazzbox after 3rd wall (9:00), after 5th wall, after 7th wall (x2)
1 2R cross over L L step back
3 4R step to R side L step together

End after 8th wall : Step R next to L when the music stop

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