Blue Tacoma

Daan Geelen (NL) - October 2018
Blue Tacoma by Russel Dickerson

Restart: in after 16 Counts in Wall 3, Restart after 4 counts in Wall 6.

Section 1: Syncopated Scissorsteps, Kick, Step, Rock, Recover, Basic NC Left;
1&2Step R to Right side, Close L next to R, Cross R over L.
&3&Step L to Left side, Close R next to L, Cross L over R.
4 5Kick R with straight leg Diagonal Right Fwd,(* Restart) Step R in Place.
6&7R Rock Fwd, Recover to L, Big Step to Left Side.
8&Step L Small Step Behind L, Cross R over left.

Section 2: Basic NC Right, ¼ Turn Back, ¼ Turn Ronde, Side, Cross, Step Side, ½ Diamond;
1 2 &Step R Big Step to Right Side, Step Left Behind R, Cross R over L.
3 4 &Step L ¼ Turn Left Back With Sweep Front to Back, Cross L over R.
5 6 &Step R to Right Side, Step L 1/8 Turn Left Back, Step R Back,
7 8 &Step L ¼ Turn Left Fwd, Step R Fwd , Cross L 1/8 Turn Left over R.
(*Restart here in Wall 3)

Section 3: Lunch, 1 ¼ Triple Turn, Run Fwd ¼, Rock, Recover with Sweep, ¼ Sailor;
1Step R to Right Side and Lunch Down and Prep L Shoulder to Right.
2&3Recover in ¼ Turn Left to L Fwd, Make ¼ Turn Left and Close R Next to L, Make ¾ Turn Left on R and Step L Fwd.
4&5Step R Fwd, Step L 1/8 Turn Left Fwd, Step R 1/8 Turn Left Fwd.
6 7Rock R Fwd, Recover to R with Sweep L from Front to Back
8&¼ Turn Left Step L Behind R, Close R Next to L.

Section 4: Step L , Walk R L Fwd, Cross Rock, Recover, Step ¼ Turn, Rock Fwd, Recover, ½ Turn Left, Pivot Turn.
1 2 3Finish Sailor with Step L Fwd, Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd.
4&5Cross Rock R over L, Recover to L, Step R ¼ Turn Right Fwd.
6&7Rock L Fwd, Recover to R, ½ Turn Left Step L Fwd.
8&Step R Fwd, ½ Turn L Step L in Place.

Start again! Enjoy!