Renewal of Love

Seonhee Lim (KOR) - December 2019
"사랑의 재개발" by Yoo Sung-Sul(유산슬)

Count-in : 32 Count intro
[1-8] Scuff, Side, Hold, Recover
1,2Scuff forward RF, step side RF R
3,4Hold, recover RL
5,6Step forward RF, Step 1/4 turn LF L (facing 9:00, hip rolling)
7,8Step forward RF, Step 1/4 tune LF L (facing 6:00, hip rolling)
[9-16] Walk, Touch, Walk, Touch, Back, Back, Back, Back
1,2Step RF forward R, step touch LF to L side (shimmy)
3,4Step LF forward L, step touch LF to L side (shimmy)
5,6Step RF back, step LF back
7,8Step RF back, step LF back
[17-24 ] Chasse, Rock Back, Recover, Side, Behind, 1/4 Turn, Scuff
1&2Step LF, side L, step RF, together R, step LF, side L
3,4Rock back RF, recover LF
5,6Step RF, side R, step LF, behind L
7,8Step forward RF, 1/4 turn R, forward scuff LF
[25-32] V Step, Touch, Hip Bump, Hip Bump, Hip Bump
1,2Step LF drag forward L, step RF drag forward R
3,4Step LF back L, Step RF back R
5,6Step RF forward touch R, hip bump
7,8Hip bump, hip bump
* Tag : At the end of wall 2 facing 6:00, Rocking chair *2