Gimme Gimme (주라주라)

Kim Eun Ju (KOR), Han Seol A & Linedance Bon (KOR) - May 2020
Gimme Gimme (주라주라) - Second Aunt KimDaVi (둘째이모 김다비)

Intro: 32 Count

[1-8] R Cross Rock, Chasse, L Cross Rock, Chasse
1 2RF cross over L, LF recover
3&4RF side to R, LF next to RF, RF side to R
5 6LF cross over R, RF recover
7&8LF side to L, RF next to LF, LF side to L

[9-16] 1/2L Pivot Turn, Shuffle, 1/2R Pivot Turn, Shuffle
1 2RF step forward, pivot 1/2 turn L
3&4RF step forward, LF next to RF, RF step forward
5-6LF step forward, pivot 1/2 turn R
7&8LF step forward, RF next to LF, LF step forward

[17-24] Diagonal Shuffle (R.L), R Rocking Chair
1&2RF diagonal step forward R, LF next to RF, RF diagonal step forward R
3&4LF diagonal step forward L, RF next to LF, LF diagonal step forward
5-6RF rock forward, LF recover
7-8RF rock back, LF recover

[25-32] R Side, Touch, 1/4L Side, Touch, R Fwd , Hitch,, L Back, Side Pont
1-2RF side to R, LF touch next to RF,
3-41/4 turn L with LF side to L, RF touch next to LF
5-6RF step forward, LF hitch
7-8LF step back, RF side point to R

Restart: After count 16 on Wall 6 (9;00), Wall 9 (3;00)
Tag: After count 28 on Wall 10 (3;00)
[1-12] R Side, Hold, Paddle Turn (12:00)
1-4RF side to R, option: raise both hands while arm opened (side way, to upward)
5-12Paddle turn - (RF side to R, LF recover) x4 with hip bump