Katharine Warner - July 2012
Masterpiece - Madonna : (Album: MDNA - iTunes)

Introduction: 8 counts

Section 1: R&L Syncopated Forward Rocks, Left Shuffle back, Right Shuffle 1/2 turn
1,2Rock forward on Right, recover on left
&3,4Step on to Right foot, rock forward on Left, recover on right
5&6Shuffle back stepping Left, Right, Left
7&8Shuffle 1/2 turn Right, stepping Right, Left, Right (6 o’clock)

Section 2: L Cross Rock recover, Syncopated weave L, R Sailor quarter turn R, L kick ball point
1,2Cross rock Left over Right, recover on Right
&3,4Step on to Left foot, cross right over left, step Left to left side
5&6Step Right behind Left, step Left to left side making 1/4 turn right, step Right forward
7&8Kick Left foot forward, replace Left foot and point right toe to side

Section 3: R Cross Rock recover, Syncopated weave R, L Sailor quarter turn L, Step R, 1/4 turn L
1,2Cross rock Right over Left, recover on Left
&3,4Step on to Right foot, cross left over right, step Right to right side
5&6Step Left behind Right, step Right to right side making 1/4 turn left, step Left forward
7,8Step forward Right, Pivot 1/(4 ) turn Left

Section 4: Right Cross Samba, Left Cross Samba, Right Jazz Box
1&2Cross rock Right over Left, step Left to left side, Recover on Right
3&4Cross rock Left over Right, step Right to right side, Recover on Left
5,6,7,8Cross Right over Left, Step back Left, Step Right to right side, Step forward Left

Tag: 12 counts at End of Wall 3 (9 o,clock)
Syncopated Right & Left Forward and Back Rocks, Hip Bumps
1,2Rock Forward Right, recover on Left
&3,4Step on Right, rock back on Left, recover on Right
5,6Rock forward Left, recover on Right
&7,8Step on Left, rock back on Right, recover on Left
9,10,11,12Bump Hips Right, Left, Right Left

Restart: Wall 5 (3 o’clock) after Cross Sambas (omit final 4 count Jazz Box)

End Dance by Stepping forward R, pivot half turn to Front (12 o’clock)