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I Am No Good At Goodbyes  Edwin P Napitu (Netherland) July 2012

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner / Intermediate   Musique: 50 Ways To Says Goodbye ( TRAIN )

I (ISA)  Forneris Gianluca – January 2018

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Low Intermediate   Musique: "Nancy Mulligan" by Ed Sheeran. Album: "Divide (deluxe)"

I Adore Thee  Christina Lung-lung KING - Feb 2012 (Hong Kong)

    112 Compte    2 Mur    Phrased Beginner / Intermediate   Musique: Te Ador – Elena Gheorghe

I Adore You  Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer (UK) Sept 2014.

    28 Compte    2 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: My Eyes Adored You by The Jersey Boys. Album: Original Broadway Cast Recording

I AIN'T  Carl Sullivan & Rosalie Mackay

64 Compte    2 Mur    intermediate/advanced   Musique: I Ain't by Chalee Tennison

I AIN'T AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS  Helen Born, Nita Lindley

32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner/Intermediate level   Musique: As Good As I Once Was by Toby Keith

I AIN'T COMIN' BACK  Rob McKean & Barbara R. K. Wallace

0 Compte    4 Mur    intermediate   Musique: When I Leave This House by Adam Gregory


32 Compte    4 Mur    Intermediate   Musique: I AIN'T CRAZY BY Earl Thomas Conley

I Ain't Crazy  Billie Timmerman (Dec 2016)

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner   Musique: "I Ain't Crazy" by The Farmer's Daughters -

I AIN'T CRAZY (but I can get there)  Roger Neff (May 2019)

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Easy Beginner   Musique: I Ain't Crazy by Earl Thomas Conley

I AIN'T CRYIN'  Lana Harvey

32 Compte    2 Mur    intermediate   Musique: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight by Big House

I Ain't Even Drunk  #NACE - New Age Country Entertainment – October 2018

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Tequila by Dan and Shay

I Ain't Fallin' For That  Diana Dawson (Jan 2011)

    34 Compte    4 Mur    Easy Intermediate   Musique: "I Ain't Fallin' For That" by Sammy Kershaw. CD: Better Than I Used To Be

I Ain't Fooling  dj Dan & Winnie. (Oct. 2013)

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Beginner / Intermediate   Musique: I Ain't Fooling by Kit and the Branded Men. CD: Kit and the Branded Men. (78 bpm)

I Ain't Goin' Nowhere  Camilla Kjaer Haagensen (DK) November 2019

    40 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: Even though I'm Leaving by Luke Combs (iTunes)

I AIN'T GONNA LET YOU GO  Tonny van Donk

44 Compte    2 Mur    intermediate   Musique: Baby Once I Get You (Club Mix) by Scooter Lee

I Ain't Gotta Grow Up  Nelly Billes – December 2019

    64 Compte    4 Mur    Improver   Musique: I Ain't Gotta Grow Up - Logan Mize

I Ain't Gotta Grow Up (FR)  Marc-André Beaudoin, Canada (janvier 2020)

    32 Compte    4 Mur    Débutant / Intermédiaire   Musique: I Ain't Gotta Grow Up / Logan Mize

I AIN'T HAD NO LOVIN'  Judith Campbell

32 Compte    4 Mur    beginner/intermediate   Musique: Ain't Had No Lovin' by Marie Haslemore

I Ain't in Checotah  Karen Hannaford (Nov 2012)

    52 Compte    2 Mur    Improver / Intermediate   Musique: I Ain't in Checotah Anymore - Carrie Underwood. Album: Some Hearts (3:21)

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