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99 Degrees

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Karl-Harry Winson (UK) & Tina Argyle (UK) - October 2015
Burning Love - Travis Tritt : (Album: The Greatest Country Dance Record Ever Volume One)
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Intro: 16 Counts (Start on Vocals)

Alternative Music: “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley……Album: “30 #1 Hits”
Note: The Elvis version is slightly slower so this might be best to practice with before using the Travis Tritt version.

Kick Ball Step. Heel Swivel. Back Rock. Step. Pivot 1/4 Turn.
1&2Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left
3 – 4With weight on balls of both feet, swivel both heels Left. Swivel both heels back to centre.
5 – 6Rock back on Left. Recover weight forward on Right.
7 – 8Step Left forward. Pivot 1/4 turn Right. Facing 3 o’clock

Left Strutting Jazz Box.
1 – 2Cross Left toe over Right. Drop the heel.
3 – 4Step back on Right toe. Drop the heel.
5 – 6Step Left toe out to Left side. Drop the heel.
7 – 8Cross Right toe across Left. Drop the heel.

Left Chasse. Back Rock. Weave Right.
1&2Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Step Left to Left side.
3 – 4Rock back on Right. Recover weight forward on Left.
5 – 8Step Right to Right side. Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right.

Diagonal Kick. Cross. Back. Side. Elvis Knees/Knee Bends
1 – 2Kick Right foot to Right diagonal. Cross step Right over Left.
3 – 4Step back on Left. Step Right out to Right side.
5 – 6Bend Left knee in towards Right. Hold.
7 – 8Bend Right knee in towards Left. Hold.

Start Again!

Choreographers Note: This Beginner dance is designed as a floor split to the Intermediate dance “Boiling Point”.

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