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Dirt On My Boots

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Erin Welsh (USA) - December 2016
Dirt on My Boots - Jon Pardi
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Right Side Rock, Right back rock, Scuff-Hitch-Step, Right Leg Twist with Shoulder Shrug
1&2&Rock out to right side, recover on left, rock back on right, recover on left
3&4Scuff right foot next to your left, bring right to hitch, step right in front of left
5&6Twist right heel right, left, right (simultaneously shrugging shoulder right, left, right and move upper body forward)
7&8Twist right heel left, right, left (simultaneously shrugging shoulder left, right, left and move upper body back to central)
End with weight on left

Coaster Step, Full Turn, Rock, Half Turn shuffle
1&2Step right foot back, Step left next to right, Step right foot forward
3&4Turn 1/2 right and step left back, turn 1/2 right and step right forward, step left forward
5,6&7Rock back on right, 1/2 turn over left shoulder shuffle, left, right, left
8Touch right to left
Restart here on wall 4 - dance first 16 counts you will be facing starting wall

Right Quarter Monterey Turns, Step Slide back
1&2&Point Right to Right side, 1/4 turn right stepping right beside left, point left to left side, step left beside right
3&4Point Right to Right side, 1/4 turn right stepping right beside left, point left to left side
5-6Step diagonally back to left, slide right foot to meet left.
7-8Step diagonally back to right, slide left foot to meet right.

Shuffle, Quarter Turn, Triple Shuffle, Quarter Turn, Touch
1&2Shuffle, left, right, left
3-4Step forward right, 1/4 turn Left
5&6Cross right over left, left to left side, cross right over left
7-81/4 turn left stepping left forward, touch right next to left

Begin Again!

Stepsheet prepared by Erin Welsh (

DJ Justin December 16, 2016
This is a fun dance. However, I think there needs to be a second restart. Twice during the song there 4 count bridge that throws off the dance. I tried restarting this dance where it is noted in the step sheets and in 2 other places but I still end up being a 4 count off.

Erin Welsh December 16, 2016
Thanks for your interest in my dance, I really appreciate your comment! it works well with our class but do appreciate your suggestions and will definitely check it out. Thanks!

Bernie Barrette March 25, 2018
Hi Erin we have been doing your dance since it cam out my class loves it, and always request it at dances many instructors have approached me to ask who's version I taught so I have to keep extra step sheets with me had instructor ask me last night at a dance for a sheet because she taught a different version and her class came to one of our dances and liked your version better we have no problem with restart

Erin Welsh April 5, 2018
Thanks for the nice comment Bernie! :) so glad to hear you and your dancers are enjoying my dance!

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