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Dan Moon (USA) - August 2018
Damn! (feat. Dave Mustaine) - Brett Kissel
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(Please note, all “time” references are for the first 32 counts)
#3 Restarts – 1st and 3rd Restarts are at the start of the chorus when he says “Damn”.
The second Restart is at the 2nd verse – time marker 1:24

Heels, Claps
1,2 –R heel, L heel
3&4 –R heel, 2 claps
5,6 -L heel, R heel
7&8 –L heel, 2 claps

Rocking Chair Forward, Rocking Chair Back, Triple, Full turn
&1, 2 –Weight L, Rock R forward, weight back onto L
&3, 4 -Weight R, Rock L backwards, weight back onto R
5&6 –Triple forward LRL
7,6 –Full turn over left shoulder (should be facing the original wall – 12 o’clock - still)

Step forward & Back, Shake, Cross, Behind-And-Heel
&1 –Step R forward, step L forward next to R
&2 –Step R back, Step L back next to R
3, 4 –Shake
&5, 6 –Weight L, cross R over L, pause
&7&8 –Step out L, R behind, Weight onto L and then R heel

Hook ¼ turn. Triple RLR, Step & Stomp, Pivot, Triple
&1&2 –Hook R leg with ¼ turn, step R down for triple - RLR (should now be facing 3o’clock)
3&4& -Stomp L forward, clap, stomp R forward, clap
5,6 –Step L forward, ½ turn pivot (Now at 9’oclock)
7&8 –Triple forward LRL (or one full duty)


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