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Drinkin' Thing

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Nancy Rosera (USA) - January 2020
Drinkin' Thing - Ronnie Dunn
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Intro: 16 Counts

R Vine, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Side shuffle 1/4
1 2R to right, L behind R
3&4R side shuffle RLR
5 6Cross rock L over R, recover R
7&8L side shuffle w/ 1/4 turn left LRL

Rock, Recover, Coaster Step R and L
1 2Rock fwd R, recover L
3&4Coaster step RLR
5 6Rock fwd L, recover R
7&8Coaster step L R L

Pivot 1/4 Left 2X, Jazz Box
1 2 3 4Fwd R, Pivot 1/4 left, fwd R, pivot 1/4 left
5 6 7 8Fwd R, back L, side R, L next to R

Side Rock, Recover, Crossing Shuffle R and L
1 2Side rock R, recover L
3&4Crossing shuffle R L R
5 6Side rock L, recover R
7&8Crossing shuffle L R L

Begin again:

Tag: After Walls 1 and 5 (3:00)
Step Touches R and L
1 2 3 4Step R, touch L, step L, touch R

Contact info: Nancy Rosera:

Last Update – 16 Feb. 2020

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