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Don't Be Cruel (薄情) (zh)

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High Beginner
Ingrind Kan (TW) - 2020年05月
Don't Be Cruel - The Mavericks
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[1-8] R Kick forward , R Kick Side, R Sailor step, L Kick forward, L Kick Side, l 1/4 Turn L Sailor Step
右足前踢側踢 水手步 左足前踢側踢 水手步左1/4轉
1 - 2Kick right foot forward (1), kick right to right side (2)
3 & 4Cross right behind left (3), step left to left side (&), step right to right side (4)
5 - 6Kick left foot forward (5), kick left to left side (6)
7 & 8Cross left behind right (7), 1/4 L Turn step right to right side (&), step left to left side (8)

[9-16] Rock Recover, R Shuffle back , Back Rock Recover L Shuffle Forward
右足下沉 左足回復,後交換步 左足下沉 右足回復 前交換步
1-2Cross Rock right over left r, Recover on left
3&4Step back on right , step next to left (&), step back on right
5 -6Rock Back on left (5), recover weight to right
7&8Step forward on left, step next to left (&), step forward on left

[17-24] Jazz Box, Paddle Turn 1/8 x2
右足前下沉, 左足回復 右足右踏, 左足前踏 右踏左轉1/8右踏左轉1/8
1-2Cross R over L, step L back
3-4Step R to side, step L forward
5-6Touch R to side, 1/8 turn left (weight on L)
7-8Touch R to side, 1/8 turn left (weight on L)
Restart Here During Walls 3 and 5

[25-32] Jazz Box, L Step, R touch together, R Step, L touch together
右足前下沉, 左足回復 右足右踏, 左足前踏 , 右踏左點 左踏右點
1-4Step R across L, Step L back, Step R to R side, Step L together
5-6Step L to left side, touch R together
7-8Step R to right side, touch L together

[33-40] Step Together, Coaster, Side Behind, Turn L¼, Shuffle
右踏左倂, 海岸步, 左踏 右後踏, 左1/4轉交換追步
1-2R side, step L together,
3&4Step R back, step L together, step R forward
5-6Step L, step R Behind
7&8Turn ¼ L ,Shuffle stepping, together, step (Left, Right, Left)

[41-48] R Step Forward Bounce Heels x 3 With 1/2 Turn to L , Rocking Chair
右前踏 雙足提起放下x3, 左轉1/2, 右足前下沉, 左足回復,右後下沉 左足回復
1-4R Step Forward, Bounce heels 3 times completing 1/2 turn left. weight on L
5-6R Forward Rock, Recover on L.
7-8R Back Rock, Recover on L.

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