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Tammy Wyatt (CAN) - June 2020
Getcha - Matt Lang
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Introduction: 32 count
Restart: After 16 counts, Wall #7

S1. Side Shuffle R, Rock, Recover, Side Shuffle L, Rock , Recover
1&2,3,4Step R to R side, step L together, step R to R side, rock back on L, recover fwd R
5&6,7,8Step L to L side, step R together, step L to L side, rock back on R, recover fwd L

S2. Rocking Chair R, Step, 1/2 Pivot, Stomp, Stomp
1,2,3,4Rock R fwd, recover L, rock R back, recover L
5,6,7,8Step R fwd, pivot 1/2 turn L (6:00) , stomp R beside L, stomp L beside R ***

S3. Shuffle R Diagonal , Shuffle L Diagonal, Skate Fwd X4
1&2Shuffling fwd R Diagonal R,L,R (7:30)
3&4Shuffling fwd L Diagonal L,R,L (4:30)
5,6,Skate fwd R, L, R, L (6:00)

S4. Rocking Chair R, Step 1/4 Pivot, Stomp R 2x’s
1,2,3,4Rock R fwd, recover L, Rock R back, recover R
5,6,7,8Step R fwd, pivot 1/4 turn L (3:00), stomp R beside L 2X’s

***Restart: You will start wall 7 facing 6:00. Dance 16 counts and RESTART facing 12:00
Facebook: Bronte bootsnspurs

Walkercross June 24, 2020
Fun, easy, super cute dance. Thanks Tammy.
Janet Martin

Vicky Anne June 29, 2020
This dance is energetic and upbeat!
Something we all need now to lift our spirits!
Way to go Tammy!
Vicky flett

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