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You Time, You Time!

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - April 2021
You Time - Scotty McCreery
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Intro: 16

R Cross Rock over L, Repeat on L
1-4Step Rf across L, step on L, step on R, touch L
5-8Step Lf across R, step on R, step on L, touch R

K Step, turning R ¼ on last step
1-4Step R fwd. diagonally, touch L to R, step back L diagonally on L, touch R to L
5-8Step R back diagonally, touch L to R, return fwd, diagonally on L, turning ¼ R on Lf, touch R to L

Walk fwd. R/L/R/L, Back R 2 counts, L 2 counts
1-8Walk fwd. R/L/R/L, Step Rf back diagonally 2 counts, step Lf back diagonally 2 counts

Kick Ball Change 2x, Jazz Box turning ¼ R
1-4Kick Rf fwd, replace Rf to center, change weight to L, Kick Rf fwd, replace Rf to center, change weight to L,
5-8Step Rf over L, step back on L, step on R while turning ¼ R on Rf, touch L to R.

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