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Julie Heinrichs-Heisner (USA) - May 2021
Soul - Lee Brice
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S1: R Kick and out, L kick and out, heel , toe, ¼ turn kick, step
1&2kick RF forward - step RF next to LF - point LF out to LT
3&4kick LF forward - step LF next to RF - point RF out to RT
5-6R heel forward, L toe pick
7-8¼ left, as you kick with your L foot, step L foot down

S2: R scuff and hop onto both feet, ¼ turn heel bounces, L step, R heel toe swivel, R shuffle
1-2Scuff R foot and hop onto balls of both feet
3-4¼ turn left as you do 2 heel bounces
5 &6Step L forward , R foot bring to left foot heel, toe swivel
7-8R shuffle forward

S3: L ½ turn, L shuffle, full turn , R rock recover,
1-2Step L and pivot ½ turn
3-4Step L forward, step ball of R next to l,
5-6Step R making a full turn ending on the left foot
7-8step R forward and take weight then rock weight back onto L foot

S4: R coaster step, L ¼ turn , cross and cross , ½ turn L
1 &2Step back R, step L back next to L step forward on R
3-4Step L forward and ¼ turn R,
5&6Step L foot over R, R lock behind; L crossover
7-8Set R foot out and turning left ½ turn step left

Tag on the 4th wall after the first 14 counts, two stomps and then restart the dance
Last Update: 14 Jan 2023

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