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Me & You Time

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Betty Moses (USA) & Mary Bell (USA) - October 2021
You Time - Scotty McCreery
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Intro: 24 Counts

[1-8] Heel Switches(R/L), Walk/Walk, Triple Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn
1 &Touch R heel forward, Step R next to L
2 &Touch L heel forward, Step L next to R
3-4Step forward on R, Step forward on L
5&6Triple forward RLR
7-8Step forward on L, Pivot turn ¼ right (3:00)

[9-16] Crossing Triple, Step Side/Step Back ¼ Turn, Coaster Step, Pivot ½ Turn
1&2Cross L over R, Step R to side, Cross L over R
3-4Step right to side, Step back on L (turning ¼ left) (12:00)
5-6Right coaster step
7-8Step forward on left, Pivot ½ over right shoulder (6:00)

[17-24]Cross Rock/Recover, Triple Left, Cross Rock/Recover, Triple Right
1-2Rock L over R, Recover weight on R
3&4Triple to the side LRL
5-6Rock R over L, Recover weight on L
7&8Triple to the side RLR

[25-32]Cross/Side Sailor ¼, Pivot ½ Turn, Pivot ½ Turn
1-2Step L over R, Step R to side
3&4Left sailor ¼ turn stepping forward (turning ¼ left) (3:00)
5-6Step forward on R, Pivot ½ turn left (9:00)
7-8Step forward on R, Pivot ½ turn left (3:00)
 Easier option for counts 5-8, Rocking Chair

No tags or restarts (there could have been tags and restarts but we felt this 32 count dance did not need them) just dance & enjoy 

Betty Moses:

Mary Bell:

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