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Hillbilly Girl

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Donna Andrew (UK) - November 2021
Hillbilly Girl - Lisa McHugh
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#38 Count Intro ....Start on Vocal

Section 1: Out In Out Behind Side Cross, Out In Out Behind ¼
1&2Touch R Toe Out, Touch R Toe Beside L, Touch R Toe Out
3&4Step R Behind L, Step L to L Side, Cross R Over L
5&6Touch L Toe Out, Touch L Toe Beside R, Touch L Toe Out
7&8Step L Behind R, Step R ¼ R, Step Forward on L (3)

Section 2: R Mambo, Shuffle Back, Coaster, Run LRL
1&2R Rock Forward, Recover L, Step Back R
3&4Step L Back, R Together, L Back
5&6Step R Back, L Together, Step R Forward
7&8Run Forward L, R, L

Section 3: Heel Hook, Heel Flick, Shuffle Forward x 2
1&2R Heel Forward, Hook Across L, R Heel Forward, Flick Heel Out
3&4Step R Forward, Step L Together, Step R Forward
5&6L Heel Forward, Hook Across R, L Heel Forward, Flick Heel Out
7&8Step L Forward, Step R Together, Step L Forward

Section 4: R Mambo, L Mambo, ¼ Jazz Box
1&2Rock Forward R, Recover L, Step Back R
3&4Rock Back L, Recover R, Step Forward L
5-6Cross R Over L, Turn ¼ R Step Back L (6)
7-8Step R To R Side, Step L Together

Section 5: Step ¼ Left
1-2Step Forward R ¼ L, Weight on Left (3)

Ending Wall Facing Wall 9,
Counts 1& 2, Rock Left ¼ Right to Face 12

MissBakerUK November 8, 2021
Lovely improvers dance. Fun to do and the music is great!!

Never too old November 8, 2021
Great fun dance, love the music

Cowgirl69 November 9, 2021
Love this dance.......its so much fun!

MissGlow November 9, 2021
Really enjoy this dance! it's one of my favourites at the moment

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