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(Kiss You) Head to Toes

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High Beginner
Alice Huo (USA) & Paul Huo (USA) - November 2021
Soul - Lee Brice
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#16 Count Intro - Restart wall 4

[1-8] Right Touch, Left Touch, Right Sailor, Left Sailor
1-2Step right to right, dip body from left to right (1), point left to left (2)
3-4Step left to left, dip body from right to left (3), point right to right (4)
5&6Bring right foot behind, sailor step
7&8Bring left foot behind, sailor step

[9-16] Toe Strut, ¼ Turn Jazz-Box
1,2Cross R over L (1), put weight down R (2)
3,4Step L toe behind R and 1/8 turn (3), put weight down L (4)
5,6Step R toe and 1/8 turn R (5), put weight down R (6)
7,8Sep L toe over R (7), put weight down L (8)

[17-24] Kick Ball Cross Twice, Side Touch, ¼ Turn Touch
1&2Kick R (1), R ball touch ground (&) while L cross R (2)
3&4Traveling to right, one more kick R (3), R ball touch (&) while L cross R (4)
5,6R step R (5), L follow and touch (6)
7,8L step L and ¼ turn (7), R touch L (8)

[25-32] Out, Out, In, In, Run Around, Step, Step
1,2R heel out, L heel out
3,4R heel in, L heel in
5&6&Turn right, run around clockwise, R (5), L(&), R(6), L(&)
7,8Last 2 step is R(7), L (8), weight ends on L

Restart: Wall 4. Start the dance facing 6:00. Restart facing 9:00 after 16 counts

Updated - 29 November. 2021

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